GLOBALVIA - Consultores de Engenharia, S.A.

GLOBALVIA - Consultores de Engenharia, S.A.
Address: Rua José Afonso, 11 - Laranjeiro
2810-237 ALMADA
Date of establishment: 06-10-1995
Registered Capital: 200.000 €
Turnover: 1.054.889 € (2011)
Permanent Personnel: Total: 21 Graduates: 16 Other Technicians: 2 Administrative: 3
Board of Directors: João Santos Silva
GLOBALVIA is a private company that since 1994 has specialised in the development of studies and projects in the transport infrastructure area.
It is a reference company in what concerns major road projects;
It is a pioneering company and an updated company in technological terms;
Globalvia has a group of highly qualified staff that can develop engineering for major projects;
We are a certified, qualified, independent company that aims to offer its clients integrated and efficient engineering solutions;
A Company that amongst its main clients has Portugal