A2P Consult - Estudos e Projectos, Lda

A2P Consult - Estudos e Projectos, Lda
Address: Rua Acácio de Paiva, 27
1700-004 LISBOA
Date of establishment: 08-02-1990
Registered Capital: 20.000 €
Turnover: 2.134.000 € (2008)
Permanent Personnel: Total: 30 Graduates: 17 Other Technicians: 9 Administrative: 4
Board of Directors: Júlio Appleton, Civil Eng.
João Appleton, Civil Eng.
Directors: Júlio Appleton, Civil Eng.
João Appleton, Civil Eng.
Vasco Appleton, Civil Eng.
António Costa, Civil Eng.
A2P Consult, Estudos e Projectos, Lda started its activity in 1990. The partners are Julio Appleton and João Appleton, who have now 38 years of professional experience. Júlio Appleton has a PhD in Structure Engineering and is the Full Professor of Concrete Structures at IST, Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon. João Appleton is a Senior Researcher from LNEC, the portuguese national laboratory for civil engineering, in Lisbon where he was Head of the Construction Process Division of the Building Department, until January 1997. From then to December 2007 he was a Counsellor at Conselho Superior de Obras Publicas e Transportes, the main portuguese engineering public advisory entity. In 2008 new partners joined the company: Vasco Appleton, António Costa, Pedro Ribeiro, José Delgado and Nuno Travassos.
A2P’s facilities are located in one of Lisbon’s main business areas, and its core activity is structure and foundation design of new or existing buildings, bridges and other structures. The company is experienced in the application of several structural materials: prestressed concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, structural timber, carbon fiber, glass fiber. A2P performs structural design using national and international codes; it's staff is involved in conceiving some of those codes. A2P is also involved in I&D national and international programmes. A2P has experience in consulting and expertise, namely in rehabilitation of damaged buildings and structures, design checking, structure assessment, design coordination and surveying and inspection of damaged buildings.