MEDIO - Planeamento e Gestão de Projectos, Lda.

MEDIO - Planeamento e Gestão de Projectos, Lda.
Address: Rua Conselheiro Costa Aroso, 341 4470-590 MOREIRA MAIA
Date of establishment: 29-11-1991
Registered Capital: 24.940 €
Turnover: 172.812 € (2023)
Permanent Personnel: Total: 12 Graduates: 5 Other Technicians: 5 Administrative: 2
Board of Directors: Albino Maia
Directors: Augusto Guedes
With over a decade of existence, there have already been conceived by the design team that makes up the technical staff of the company about 1.200 homes in collective housing, private condominiums and detached houses, 210 industrial and storage facilities, 190 commercial facilities, 170 service offices, 10 hotel and similar facilities, 43 restaurant facilities, 7 agricultural units, 35 urban development plans, 4 kindergartens, 2 cr