NLA - Nuno Leónidas Arquitectos, Lda

NLA - Nuno Leónidas Arquitectos, Lda
Address: Rua Calvet de Magalhães, 244 - 2º, Laveiras
2770-022 PAÇO DE ARCOS
Date of establishment: 28-06-1993
Registered Capital: 26.000 €
Turnover: 2.000.000 € (2020)
Permanent Personnel: Total: 34 Graduates: 29 Other Technicians: 3 Administrative: 3
Board of Directors: Nuno Maria Leónidas, Arch.
Vasco Maria Leónidas, Arch.
Directors: Nuno Maria Leónidas, Arch.
Vasco Maria Leónidas, Arch.
Fernando Castello-Branco, Arch.
Paulo Aguiar, Eng.
Duarte Tenera, Arch.
Patrick Pessoa, Arch.
NLA – NUNO LEÓNIDAS ARQUITECTOS is formed by a group of Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design companies, with more than 40 years of experience and an internationally proven track record, with a clear expertise in five areas of the real estate process:
• Hospitality Area (Hospitality). Several hotels designed and built for different international brands;
• Corporate Area – Office buildings, company headquarters, large-scale complexes;
• Residential Area – Several achievements in several countries in the private sector;
• Educational Area – Planning and Architecture of several Educational Complexes at the most varied levels of Education;
• Urban and Spatial Planning – MasterPlans, Urbanization Plans, Sectoral Plans, etc.
NL DECORAÇÂO is also part of the Group's Holding, which deals with Interior Design & Decoration in many projects developed by the mother company, especially in the hotel business; and PROCOS, a company specializing in the corporate area, office space fitout and building management operating systems.
A founding member of PERSPECTIVE, the European group of Architects, NLA incorporates the KnowHow of its Centers of Excellence, in cutting-edge sectors as diverse as Health, Pharmaceutical Industry, Education, Infrastructure, intervening in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.
Since its beginnings in the early 1980s, the NLA has taken a sustainable approach to its projects, reflected in the principles of Passive Solar Architecture, Natural Lighting and Ventilation.
With the support of advanced technology and the constant updating of computerized functions such as the management and processing of project information in BIM, it guarantees high levels of performance from a cohesive, motivated and highly professional team.