VISARQENG Architecture & Engineering Solutions, Lda.

VISARQENG Architecture & Engineering Solutions, Lda.
Address: Av. Monsenhor Celso Tavares da Silva, Lote 18 - R/C Frente, Loja 3 3500-101 VISEU
Date of establishment: 14-01-2020
Registered Capital: 5.000 €
Turnover: 440.543 € (2023)
Permanent Personnel: Total: 7 Graduates: 4 Other Technicians: 2 Administrative: 1
Board of Directors: César Bruno Fonseca Ribeiro, Civil Eng.
José Luis Carreira Faustino
VISARQENG provides engineering and architectural design services, consulting and technical advice, direction, supervision and management of construction work, as well as modelling and preparation of metal structures and coatings in a BIM environment.
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