ESTRUTOVIA - Consultores de Engenharia, Lda

ESTRUTOVIA - Consultores de Engenharia, Lda
Address: Av. das Laranjeiras, 14 - r/c Dto
Quinta Grande - Alfragide
2720-334 AMADORA
Date of establishment: 01-03-1993
Registered Capital: 24.940 €
Turnover: 478.400 € (2009)
Permanent Personnel: Total: 10 Graduates: 6 Other Technicians: 3 Administrative: 1
Board of Directors: Rui Tavares Rodrigues, Civil Eng.
Founded by public deed on March of 1993, ESTRUTOVIA, Consultores de Engenharia, L.da, is a render services company in the area of consult, supervision and civil engineering designs.
Its main lines of work are bridges, buildings and special structures designs, structures inspection and rehabilitee, roads, design management, coordination and revision, examinations and valuations, and for that purpose there are specialist technical staffs on the different areas.