HENRIQUE PERESTRELLO - Consultores de Engenharia, Lda

HENRIQUE PERESTRELLO - Consultores de Engenharia, Lda
Address: Rua Buenos Aires, 32A
1200-625 LISBOA
Date of establishment: 16-07-1992
Registered Capital: 24.950 €
Turnover: 250.000 € (2009)
Permanent Personnel: Total: 5 Graduates: 3 Other Technicians: 1 Administrative: 1
Board of Directors: Henrique Abreu, Eng.
Directors: Henrique Abreu, Eng.
Founded in 1992, from a group of highly experienced technicians in building projects and construction.
"The constant appearance of new products in the construction business, the technological development of different specialities, new legislation and market conditions for the sector, have caused the link between the Owner of the Project and the Contractor; to be something so complex that these factors alone justify a third entity, an "Interface" between all situations.
Without ever substituting the Owner of the Project, this entity, who in fact is his representative, should render a number of disciplinary services, which give technical and economic support to the client decisions. This is the only way in which today one can garantee the quality, timing and cost of the venture..."
HENRIQUE PERESTRELLO - Consultores de Engenharia, Lda propose to undertake that type of work, and are completely independent and equidistant from any construction company, fitters or representatives of materials and equipments.
Based on organization and methods of work, and with the support of high technology, we have or contract technicians of various specialities, who with their experience of both projects and jobs, will garantee the accomplishment of all the stages of the processes, according to the Specific conditions of each venture and of the timings to be met.